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型号 : MaxCoreIPC
类型 : 工控机
特性 : 15个 PCIe槽, 3U高 工控机

The Artesyn MaxCore IndustrialPC(IPC)

platform is a member of the MaxCore family with flexibility to address a wider ange of industrial applications. MaxCoreIPC host suptort 15 PCI Express cards around a single x86 server class CPU motherboard. Its flexibility and power can be used across a wide range of applications including:

  • Machine vision applications

  • Video surveillance

  • Industrial data acquisition and control

  • Data analytics

  • Video transcoding

All of this flexibility and performance is included in a future proof, managed configuration,single 3U server box

  • High performance density in 3U chassis with 15 PCI Express slots

  • 15 PCI Express slots to provide flexibility to address awiderangeofapplications

  • Intel® Xeon® ProcessorD

  • Four(4)DDR4 DIMM slots

  • Integrated PCI Express Gen3.0 switch to provide flexible connectivity between the PCIe slots and processor

  • 3U by 508mm for 19”racks

  • Up to 150 watts can be provided for each slot

  • ~2000W cooling capacity @40°C

  • Integrated 1100W AC power supply with capacity to include upto three(3) 1100W supplies for redundancy

  • Includes web based GUI management